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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Not Fair Weather Friends!

Miles for Migraine orgainizers and participants are brave souls!  Although it is gorgeous and warm now, the day of the race was rainy and cold....and rainy and more rain!  It was very impressive to see how the organizers switched to plan B at Golden Gate Park and moved all registration, etc. under the covered area there.  They supplied canopies for A Runner's Mind and for the SF Massage School to stay pretty dry.  Participants were brave enough to come out from all parts of the city and the bay area to slosh their way along the 5K and 10K courses to raise money.  Not sure if any PR's were set, but we would like to congratulate everyone who participated!  From my vantage point under the canopy, it looked like fun was had by all, regardless of being a bit wet!!!

It was fun having our Thursday Night Run group there....everyone did great!!!! A fearless group of runners who master running in the dark (7pm) on Thursdays from the store and running in the rain on Sunday mornings!  It's a good thing we don't live someplace where there are tornados and hurricanes....who knows what would happen then!

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