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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

2nd Annual Run for the Lanterns

It was a stormy and spooky start to the 2nd annual Run for the Lanterns, with the wind howling and the rain falling! Actually, that was just during the registration. Sun came out for the 5K run/walk. They should add "jump" to the title. There were lots of little runners who reminded us adults that running (mixed in with some walking and some jumping along the route) is FUN! The kids added bug hunting, rock jumping, running around trees and other activities....and still made great time! Check out www.lanternsrun.com for pictures and race results. Congrats to team members Monte and Todd for coming in first in their age groups and Monte coming in first overall. Congrats to team member Liz who came in first in her age group for women....but hid her electronic tag so deeply in her rain gear that it didn't register! Team member Jenny did her usual morning walk and came in 2nd in her age group....even though she stopped to chat for 5 minutes before actually crossing the finish line! Not the competitor that day! But still a medal winner! :-) Thanks to all of the organizers for their hard work! Hopefully, St. Matthews Catholic School's event was a financial success...it certainly was fun!

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  1. Those little lanterns sure had a lot of energy! The run was a blast and thank-you for being such great sponsors! Good job St. Matthews and A Runner's Mind! :)