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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Ode to brand new Brooks Adrenalines.....

A plea from daughter #1 who lives in Chicago:

"On my walk this morning to get coffee, my co-worker and I started complaining about how our calves were sore. We were convinced we had a hairline/stress fracture in out toes and our shins felt bumpy and defeated. He said it must be from not changing his running shoes in 7 months and I couldn't remember how long I've been running in these Nikes. Then I remembered, Oh snap! My mom has a running shoe store!"

Here were her notes to us:

"Normal shoe size: 8.5-9. I'm assuming there's a rhyme and reason on whether it's better to go bigger or more snug?

Biggest issue: Shin splints from putting pressure on the front of my feet and bad knees from cheerleading/putting too much pressure on them.

Weight criteria: I run on my toes, so most of my weight falls on the front of my foot.

Posture: I stand more pigeon than duck footed.

Running style: I run: STOMP, STOMP, STOMP. I pound pavement. It's not very graceful.

Other: DON'T send me hot pink shoes!"

So when she was out here this summer, she tried on shoes and we mailed them to her so she wouldn't have to lug them home in her (free!) carry-on.

" Received my new shoes yesterday in the mail. I literally rushed upstairs, put them on and jogged around the apartment. Conclusion: IT WAS LIKE STEPPING ONTO A PUFFY WHITE CLOUD. Seriously! It proves that I've been running on strips of paper for awhile. I felt like I wasn't wearing shoes at the gym this morning and when I went to do jumping jacks, I felt light and jumpy instead of immediately getting shin splints.

I got bored with my routine but too lazy to do a full uprooting of my gym routine so I opted to incorporate jumping rope into my day. I remember being young, when recess existed and thinking, "Hmmm, I have 25 minutes to kill. I think I'll just jump rope the entire time!" Now, 15+ years later....JUMP ROPE IS HARD! Not only do I literally feel every part of my flesh that is not toned (because it bounces!), but I'm winded and wanting to hang myself with the jump rope after 2 MINUTES! Good times.

Thank you so much for sending those! This weekend, I'll test them out on the harsh Lakeshore Drive terrain."

We also added a pair of Spenco cross trainer insoles(to add some cushion) and Balega running socks to her package. Remember, it is best to try shoes on in a store....your foot changes, your gait can change, sometimes the technology and fit of a certain style of shoe changes. There are definite benefits of purchasing shoes from a shop and not just online. (speaking as a long time runner and shopper...not just a store owner!)

So, if you want to do jumping jacks and feel "light and jumpy", make sure your shoes aren't worn out! Maybe even try some Brooks Adrenaline, if you wear a stability shoe!

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