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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Mills High School Cross Country Night

What a great turnout for the Mills High School Cross Country Team Night at A Runner's Mind! Food (not all healthy, I admit! Unless pizza is in a healthy food group!) and lots of shoe fitting. Thanks to all for coming!

We hope that the newbies to this sport understand how important "the right shoe" is for a comfortable, less injury prone cross country season. The Asics 2150's, the Mizuno Inspires and the Brooks Adrenaline were the top sellers that night. These are all in the moderate stability category. Pretty lightweight. Each has a different feel. So now with the athletes fitted in the best shoe for them, we wish them luck this season! Go VIKINGS!

After the end of the event, Monte headed out with a couple of people for our first "Thursday Night It's-Almost-The-Weekend Run!". Just did an easy 3 miles, then back to the store for water and resting on the couches watching ESPN on the TV! We plan to have races playing, videos of local meets, etc., but sometimes we have been known to watch baseball and football!

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  1. sounds like a great event! It's cool to see you supporting and educating young runners. I'm switching back to the 2150's for my next pair - they're solid shoes.