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Monday, October 4, 2010

Look Who Else Is Running....

So our store has been open for 2 months now and every day is an adventure! Our customers are some of the most interesting people on the planet!!!! From professional skydivers who need great shoes for their landings to families of Navy Seals (more to come on that!) to the first time half marathoners who began running to drop a couple of pounds before their trip to Vegas then got hooked on running to the 81 year old who still runs "but not like I used to when I was in my 70's" to the swat team member whose young daughter might have let it slip that her daddy has a gun with him! Yesterday we met someone we'd like to highlight today.

Janice Rensch is a member of the MidPeninsula Running Club in the San Francisco Bay Area. She began running when she was 45 years old. She has run in 35 marathons since then. She was the 39th woman in the world to have completed a marathon on each of the 7 continents! When asked which one was her most memorable, she said the one in antarctica in 2001. The weather (their summer) was so bad that the ship could not dock so the marathon was run around the deck of the ship...400 laps! She said her most difficult marathon was the one in China on the Great Wall. The fastest time was over 4 hours due to the very difficult terrain. She has climbed Mt. Kilamanjaro...not a marathon, but an impressive addition to her athletic accomplishments. And all this without any injuries to speak of, and wearing neutral supportive shoes....she was born to run. It was a pleasure talking with her and we hope she ventures back into A Runner's Mind soon!

List of 7 Continental Races- 1. North America (Boston, and many more with Napa Valley being her first) 2. Egypt, Africa- Valley of the Kings 3. Easter Island, South America 4. France, Europe 5. Antartica- the ship 6. China, Asia 7. New Zealand, Oceana

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