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Friday, June 3, 2011

GREAT Splash N Dash Series!

Hey everyone- it's Liz. I found a great Splash N Dash put on by Threshold Racing at the Stevens Creek Reservoir. They have an evening series and a weekend series and it's really well-organized and fun! They had plenty of people in and out of the water organizing and a well-marked course... even pizza and beer afterward! They also put on other races, including a triathlon and kids tri. Check it out!

I used this as an open water training swim for the Silicon Valley International Tri on 6/12. I had a BLAST! The swim was a lot warmer than I anticipated, but I was still very happy to have a wetsuit. Minus almost losing my timing chip in the water and not eating enough beforehand (I bonked on the hilly trail run toward the end), overall it was a really good experience. BIG thanks to Monte for coaching me through the whole thing- including pushing me to pick off some runners and makeup some time! If you're interested in doing one of these in the future- let me know! It would be a great event to get a group together for.

Hope to see people at the Hillsborough Fun Run Sunday! :) Liz

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