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Monday, April 11, 2011

ARM Academy Spring 2011

Welcome to the A Runner’s Mind ARM Academy!
We will begin the next ARM Academy April 19 to help you with your goal….whatever running goal you set for yourself. By June 5th you will be ready for the Hillsborough 2K, 5K and 10K Fun Run and then the SF Marathon, ½ Marathon, or 5K/Progressive Marathon on July 31st. Whether you are new to running and are training for your first race or a long time runner wanting to improve your running form and reach a new PR, you are welcome here and will learn a lot!

The 15 week training program includes:
3 weekly coached training runs, 2 on the track and 1 at Sawyer Camp Trail
10% discount at A Runner’s Mind during the training program
Core training once a week
Clinics on nutrition, motivation, injury prevention, how to use that watch!
Create your individual training guide with an experienced coach (21 years and counting!)
Special events which include post workout sports massage, speakers, field trip to SF for to preview the route then go out for coffee to discuss race day strategy
Brooks Technical t-shirt
Pre-race dinner

You will learn so much from the TEAM ARM coaches AND your fellow runners who always share their knowledge and encouragement.

REGISTRATION FORMS AVAILABLE at A Runner’s Mind 1199 Howard Ave., Burlingame
$65 new members/ $40 ARM Academy alumni
Cash, check or credit cards accepted
ARM up and let the fun begin!
Best regards,
Monte and fellow coaches, mentors, trainers and cheerleaders at A Runner’s Mind
1199 Howard Ave., Burlingame, CA 94010 (650) 393-5952
Check us out: www.arunnersmindbeyondthefit.blogspot.com, Facebook and Meetup.com

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