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Monday, March 28, 2011

Go Green 5K,10K and 1/2 Marathon and the ARM Academy!

Congratulations to "graduates" of the ARM Academy for completing 6 weeks of training and running in this 5K, 10K and Half Marathon on March 13! For some of you, this was your first race and we are so proud! If only the routes were actually marked, some of you were on pace to set some PR's!

We had a Pasta Carbo Load Potluck the night before the race.

Speeches were made and TEAM ARM t-shirts were given out.

Some of us met in the early morning in Burlingame before carpooling down to Los Gatos.

We did some stretching and some strategizing and some plain old talking pre-race.

Todd smirks because his "5K" turned into a 9 mile run....his sports therapist will be seeing him soon since he was just going to run a short 5K and wouldn't aggravate his injured hamstring! Not a perfectly well run race when they "forget" to mark the 5 and 10K cutoffs!

Grace and Eduardo look strong at the finish line!
Just another weekend run for Mark, who races every weekend!

Julie encourages Yvonne to finish. Yvonne then goes home and gets into bed with the flu!!!! Runners are fearless!!!

A tired but happy and hungry TEAM ARM!

THE END...Thanks everyone for a fun day!

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