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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Those Crazy MUD RUNS!!!!!!!!!!!

One of our customers recently told us that she is trying to talk all of her family (her husband, 4 daughters and their spouses or significant others) into participating in the next Mud Run.  They think their spouse/mom has gone nuts!  These are crazy races where participants run through mud, over walls, jump over fire pits, etc....often in costume and always with lots and lots of energy and exhuberance! 

Here are a few photos taken of an A Runner's Mind team member from her run this fall:
When they say "MUD RUN" they mean "CRAWL THROUGH THE MUD"...

And what is a Mud Run without a little fire pit hurdling?

Everyone enjoys the dance after they are hosed off with firehoses and change into clean clothes!

Why wouldn't everyone want to go play in the mud?????

For you northern Californians, check out the Big Sur Mud Run coming up March 26th

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  1. I did the Warrior Dash last year (which seems to be where those photos were taken)... and... it's a *blast*. Crawling over cars, up rope ladders, leaping wooden walls - it's just fun. And the best part - you get a free beer at the end!