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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

In It To End It

ATTENTION ALL WALKERS!  You have probably heard about the 2 national walks to raise money to help find the cure for breast cancer....the Susan B. Koman 3-Day Walk and the Avon 2-Day Walk.  My brand new Mizuno Inspires (with pink laces!) and I walked with my #2 daughter and a girlfriend, in honor of another girlfriend, and I will never be the same.  I encourage all of you who love to walk and to run (slow down the pace for just one weekend) to consider participating in one of the events which take place around the country.  Funds go to a variety of amazing organizations, and go towards research, care, education, etc.  Your dollars will be well spent.
ANYWAY, I am mentionning this now because there are openings in the "Youth Crew" for the SF event this summer. (for ages 10-16 yrs.)  Contact cheryl.sanfrancisco@avonwalk.org for more information.  The adult crew was so popular, the spots were filled quickly.  Those crew members are part of what makes the event special! (You long distance racers know what I mean....the people cheering on the side help to get you through certain miles...with a smile even!) - Jenny

Look for the A Runner's Mind Walking Group this spring to start training for long distance walking.  (The Avon Walk is 39 plus miles in 2 days....marathon the first day and 1/2 marathon the second) 

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