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Saturday, August 6, 2011

The First Run After a Marathon

The first run after a marathon is certainly a run in it's own category. It may be the day after (only advised if it's less than 3 miles!) or it might be weeks since the feat. Either way, it's almost guaranteed that in those first few hundred yards the memories of the marathon will come flooding back...and probably a few goosebumps too!

As you reflect on how you felt when you saw your friend at mile 18, or the tidal wave of emotions as you crossed the finish line, you realize it would be impossible not to enjoy this run! Because that is all this run is for: the fun of it all (and maybe to get the blood flowing through your legs again). There is no time to hit, pace to consider (you didn't bring your watch did you?), and there is no demanding training schedule looming ahead. This run is about why you picked up running and stuck with it -- it's the feeling you get during and after. And the bonus is that on this run you can't help but think all about your recent accomplishment. It doesn't matter whether it was your toughest race to date or how you nailed that PR, because there is no doubt that you will have something to reflect on.

Sure, after your mind has run through all of the best parts of the race you may start to think about how you'll need to put in more speedwork during your next training session or you might think "why did I go out so fast!?" What is great is that neither of those thing matter right now. That first run after the marathon accomplishes so much without all of that. You can go as short or as slow as you please. Walk that next hill; obey your calf when it tells you it's still a little tender. So let your mind wander all it wants -- look up, smile, and enjoy this run!

By Team ARM member Tommy:)

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