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Sunday, December 19, 2010

GREAT GIFT IDEA: "Once A Runner" by John L. Parker, Jr.

  One of the great joys of reading is finding a true "connection" with a story and an author. Not a casual connection to a place we want to go or an interesting time in history, but a soul-gripping connection that creases your face with a knowing smile as if someone really understands YOU - the runner - for the first time.

  That's what "Once a Runner" was to me - a book that gets me and why I run. I believe anyone that has been alone on the track at night, felt the self-inflicted pain of over-exertion that doubles you over at the waist, or imagined competing at the "next level" (whatever that might be) - will feel a visceral, authentic connection to "Once a Runner."
  Immerse yourself in the deep secrets that only true runners know and live - the burn-out, extra laps beyond reason, the perfect race - get the #1 most sought after out-of-print book in the US in 2007 - "Once a Runner" - it's a must read on my list-
Never stop running, Todd

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